Autumn Letter from Craig

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe it’s October already! This month of Libra certainly has been apparent with varying temperatures, nice intermittent rain, late frosts, and beautiful fall foliage colors, despite the earlier summer drought.

To be able to plant bulbs in less than freezing soil conditions has been a blessing for our fingers. All of our tender plants are being sheltered in the greenhouse and potted boxwood are getting good long drinks and time-released fertilizer for spring readiness.

Along with the seasonal change, we have had some changes in our staffing. Sadly, but excitedly, we have lost Samantha Peckham from our design department to the Olbrich Botanical Garden’s Director of Horticulture in Madison, Wisconsin. We are so happy for this wonderful opportunity for Sam, they are getting one of the best! Andrea Berger, a seasonal member of our Garden Care team has decided to head back to the Madison area to be closer to her family so dear to her. Andrea has always been an exceptional gardener and one that really exudes the love she has for all things garden. If there is any consolation for such loss, we all have plenty a reason to now regularly visit the beautiful surrounds of Madison, Wisconsin.

Fall Letter from Craig

Now that our lengthy summer days are behind us and herbaceous plants are starting to tire, the glories of the fall season are revealing themselves more frequently. Just last week the hydrangeas and dahlias were making themselves known, and the cacophony of cicadas and crickets filled the cooling evenings.

Craig's Summer Letter

Dear Fellow Garden Friends,

With the onset of our gardens myriad of verdant shades of green, grey and burgundy foliage, I am reminded of how much foliage effect is key to almost every garden design.