Wettest May on Record

Hello CBLD Family!

The sun is finally out and shining today! However, let's not forget this has been the wettest May on record, with over 8 inches of rainfall!

Garden Design Master Class

We are so delighted to be featured in the Garden Design Master Class book published by Rizzoli International Publications this month.  We are 1 of 100 fellow landscape architects and garden designers featured in this book.  Many of which are dear friends and colleagues whom we are so thrilled to share this book with.

Selecting Trees for New Beginnings

          March is the beginning of tree digging season here in the Chicagoland area, but how does our team pick which specimen tree will end up in your landscape?  Our Designers and project management team have spent years learning what trees will thrive under our unique Chicago landscapes.

Craig's Spring Letter

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Spring is definitely in the air with the Galanthus and Winter Aconite in full early glory with swelling buds of Forsythia looking for a few warm days in a row.