Thanksgiving Greetings from Craig

Dear Valued Client and Friend,

Over the years I have sent out letters at this reflective time of year and, in this tradition, I happily write again.

Fall Letter from Craig

Dear Gardening Friends,

When the angle of the sun changes, when day length shortens, and the tiring of foliage in the garden is obvious, the inevitability of winter starts entering into our thoughts.  Still with one good garden display month left, the abundance in our orchards and borders now are that much more special in this last hoorah of warmth and verdance.

Lily Time in the Garden

We always look forward to this time from mid-July through August when the Oriental and Hybrid lilies demand center stage in the garden. 

Summer Rain

With all of the excessive heat and moisture this year, we are living in a version of Jurassic Park this summer. 

Craig’s Summer Letter

Dear Fellow Gardeners,
Writing this in the first week of summer sure doesn’t seem like I am in the right season, at least today. This is one of many recent cool rainy days collecting over 4" in a week’s time. Of course, last week we had 95 degree heat and tomorrow there might be a glimmer of summer hope and sunshine. Here in the Midwestern US, we wait so long for our short summers and this year in particular, Mother Nature has been a real tease.