A Fall Letter from Craig

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

As the fall season winds down, I am reminded and reflect on the highlights of the years past.  Successes, challenges, problems solved, and mileposts reached:  all heartfelt moments I remember throughout the years that CBLD has been established (1981!).  This year is no exception.

Here at CBLD, we are all gifted with the reality that our vocations are in some way our avocations, therefore, we can all celebrate the Art of Fine Gardening together with you.  To know what it takes to create something that is beautiful, appreciated by others, how to pull it off and be collaborative with Mother Nature is a real feat…and if well-tended (by us of course) only improves with time.

Thank you for your continued interest in our Company.  It takes our entire team of departments to create the intricate products we make and care for.  As the imminent winter season progresses, we are busy cleaning up, planting bulbs for Spring displays and battening down the hatches.  The Halloween snow last week was not only a surprise but also quite damaging.  Here at the Gardens at 900, we lost the entire canopy of our old Magnolia acuminata due to the wet snow collecting on the huge unfallen leaves… Thank God the snow only lasted 24 hours!

The artistry we all demonstrate by creating fine gardens and displays is truly a gift to share with the world and we are grateful that you are on this journey with us.  Happy Fall and don’t forget to plant some Spring flowering bulbs before the ground freezes - You won’t regret it!