A Moment of Reflection

Today, Mirandi Miller and I had the privilege of attending the dedication ceremony of ‘The Garden of Remembrance’, developed by the public-private partnership between the Deerpath Garden Club and the City of Lake Forest.

CBLD was hired by the City to develop a naturalistic landscape plan on the edge of a retention pond across from the West Lake Forest Train Station. We inherited an existing, scruffy pond edge with young larch and colonies of invasive Phragmites grass. We collaborated with the Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest and the City to come up with a solution that was beautiful, durable, and flood tolerant.

A native selection of plants provides a hardy planting composition, while keeping pollinators in mind. Hibiscus, Liatris, and Pontedaria add interest to an otherwise basic pond edge, while being tolerant of wet conditions (something we’re familiar with this year!). The Autumn Brilliance Amelanchiers are show stoppers in the autumn, coming to life with bright red-orange foliage. A mix of winterberry and redtwig dogwoods continues interest through the winter with brilliant red berries and lively red twigs.

‘The Garden of Remembrance’ is dedicated to honoring the memory of past members of the club as well as celebrating present and future members, who will continue the club’s mission of encouraging civic beauty. The garden offers locals and train travelers a respite during their busy days and acts as a naturalized extension of the West Lake Forest Train Station formal garden.

Be sure to drive (or bike) by to see the new garden and celebrate the bullfrog songs from the pond.


Craig Bergmann