Autumn Letter from Craig

Dear Friends,
The magic of Autumn abounds.

Another year, again going too fast to enjoy all the nuances of beauty our gardens provide.

Undaunted beauty is everywhere as the scale of the color spectrum reachs stories high with the blaze of maples, gingko and sweet gums.

Texture and tumble of a year’s growth is as blatant as the change in the temperature of our evenings now.

Up, up and away grow the grasses and asters. Just last month the Arundo donax and the giant Miscanthus were my height and NOW are an amazing 10 – 12 feet!

Myriads of purples and golds abound in this season producing visions of regal tapestries and carpets. How did Mother Nature know that purple was my favorite color and rampant in October – my birth month?

Never disappointed when I look out the window this time of year. The changes in the clouds, the angle of the sun, the intensity of the colors of the garden just make me smile and yearn for another spring in the garden to begin the journey all over again.

Shadows, crisp air, fog, stunning dahlias, happy dogs – these are but a few of my favorite autumn musings.

May you too enjoy this magical time of year and remember life is short so embrace it fully.

Leave beauty in your wake,
Craig Bergmann
RLA, ASLA, Proprietor