Craig's Spring Letter

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Spring is definitely in the air with the Galanthus and Winter Aconite in full early glory with swelling buds of Forsythia looking for a few warm days in a row.

This pre-all out gardening time has allowed me to get away to some of our out of town jobs both in southern California and the east coast of Florida. Spring on both coasts is bursting in foliage and flower.

Hopefully you have had a healthy and happy winter. We have here at CBLD and we just launched our online shopping site: HORTUS by Craig Bergmann for all things garden-centric for your home. My winter journeys have revealed a lot of beautiful new finds and the growing crew at the nursery has some incredible uncommon offerings for at least… your viewing pleasure.

What better way to get out of your home than to think about your garden with anticipation. If you get cloistered at home any time during this crazy world health emergency time, remember the fresh air of Spring wafting through the window and a walk about your own yard can be such a great medicine for all ages.

Be healthy, be wise, and check in on those you know that may need your help, however small. A good reminder to care for your fellow man.

Horticulturally Yours,