Craig's Spring Letter

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Spring, the season from all other season emerges. The season that initiates new beginnings and inevitable loss

As I mature from spring to spring, I am realizing that there is an elegance to nature’s restart each year, attempting to mend the ill-effects of seasons past.

This elegance is closely accompanied by the variability of each year from weather extremes to fixing man-made obstructions of the natural course of things.

As climate change reveals itself in more intense extremes of weather, our gardens must adapt or ultimately fail. To this end, we are, more and more, looking to tap the strength and durability of native species and use green wise approaches to garden making. If we don’t act and change with our environment and the preservations of our private eco-systems, who are we to expect anyone to fix the problems with political policies?

For years, we have practiced safe gardening techniques and applications including organic methods when possible. It is our responsibility to protect each other in our company and our customers. Interestingly, with a global pandemic for the past year, we are reminded daily of our taking responsibilities not only for ourselves, but for our fellow man and animals we coexist with or our planet earth.

Our office and greenhouse staff members have been happily much less sick this past winter (for sure!) since proper PPP has impacted us much more than reducing COVID-19 exposure. We have had a few Covid-impacted staff but all are well and back to normal. Thank God.

Now that we can all get outside and enjoy our gardens beyond walking the dog or wishing for summer, it satisfies me to see the early witch hazels, winter aconite and hellebores and crocus shouting that spring has arrived.

May we all take time to hear the voices of our plant community and nurture them as we all … through whatever 2021 has in store for us all… Stand United.

Vernally yours

Craig and Staff

Proprietor, Craig Bergmann Landscape Design Inc.