Fall Letter from Craig

I feel the chill of autumn in the morning and early evening air now. Amazingly, though it is the case every year, the color intensity in the garden is like an explosion. The palest pinks and yellows become saturated and brilliant. The reds, purples and oranges become the stars of the borders – our very own Technicolor treasures.

As I grow older, fall means more to me. Preparing for it comes to the forefront of my to-do list. I reflect on the gardens performance, give urgency to finishing chores before the snow flies, and attend to simplifying the planting plan.

Owning a nursery with highly-qualified, knowledgeable people to execute my ideas is a gift I don’t take for granted. With an abundant nursery inventory as my planting palette, my ideas can be fast-tracked and decisive. Year-end design work always reveals a plant friend found earlier in the season. I always hope to find a perfect match with a client implementing a new planting plan so we can give a sizable reduction in plant prices. I feel like Johnny Appleseed when I get the opportunity to enhance a relationship with a cherished client this way!

Speaking of apples, our orchard is producing like gangbusters this year. We’ve already given away bushels and the Jonathan and Braeburns are just coming into harvest. We’re hopeful for many a crumble or pie in our future, thanks to our baking friends.

May your autumn season be filled with dog walks in the crisp air, a beautiful morning fog over the lawn and a lace of early frost on the last rose of summer. But most of all, get outside while you can still soak in some warm sun without that darn summer humidity!

Your friend in the garden,
Craig Bergmann
RLA, ASLA, Proprietor