Fall Letter from Craig

Autumn Greetings!
Being a Fall born baby, I have a real fondness for the spectacle Mother Nature shares with us this time of year. The prairie and oak savannas are ablaze with composites of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The rust, claret, and cerise tinge in the canopies overhead enforces the power and beauty of Autumn through our Fall season here in Midwestern U.S.

Cooling evening temperatures are saturating the soft pink blooms in the garden beds and grass seed seems to germinate like magic. The spring-green flush of a new lawn in fall reminds me of the “Tinkerbell Crystals” we used to “plant” into fish bowls of water as kids before bed and the next morning: Voila! Crystal castles of our dreams.

We experienced an almost dream come true this summer season without many Japanese Beetles ravaging our roses, buddleias (Butterfly bushes), and climbing hydrangea foliage. My guess is that our extremely wet spring must have drowned many of the grubs in the turf zone, therefore less beetles emerged. Whatever happened, we’ll take it! For all the summer roses we normally don’t have, we celebrate the climbers on our walls, fences, and trellises going gangbusters this year.

For me, that melancholy feeling of years’ end that often starts this month has been detoured for now, with a new addition to our family. Welcome Watson, Norwich Terrier number three. He joins the ranks with Violet and Pepper, our 8 and 7 year old beauties.

Since we have lived here in Lake Forest, our gardens seem to absorb plants, people, and dogs. I once said that I would love a herd of pups and I guess we’re on the way. This terrier trio will most likely have a career of their own. They are hysterical together and so love a good romp through anything – especially if they hear a chipmunk or rabbit. Though true couch potatoes at night, these kids are up and at ’em as soon as the alarm bolts us all out of bed. They are always excited to see what the new day has to offer: So much fun! The maturity and easy-going nature of our “girls” should be good for little Watson and will hopefully help him to fit into our world before the snow starts to fly. I can’t wait to see him experience the first snowfall…!

May your reflections of the past year include good memories and accomplishments made in life and in your gardens. And for those folks that were over-powered and overwhelmed by Mother Nature’s wrath of flood, wind, drought or freeze, understand that the cycle will turn. Next year will be full of new experiences and challenges, God willing, to share with those you love and care for.

Happy Autumn, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Gardening!

Craig Bergmann
RLA, ASLA, Proprietor