Garden Design Master Class

We are so delighted to be featured in the Garden Design Master Class book published by Rizzoli International Publications this month.  We are 1 of 100 fellow landscape architects and garden designers featured in this book.  Many of which are dear friends and colleagues whom we are so thrilled to share this book with.

This book includes an essay by each landscape architect or garden designer who answers common gardening questions and gives their own unique tips using their professional education and experience.  From practical advice, to aesthetics, reading this, you’ll compile tools to create your very own garden.  With an abundance of landscape architects and garden designers giving their advice, you’ll find many styles, genres, and principles featured.  This gives the reader plenty of material to sift through and decide what key information he or she will use while building their own personal garden.

In Craig’s excerpt, it’s all about roses.  From the origin and history of the shrub rose, to Craig’s thought of the commonly used Knockout Rose, and the horticulture crime of a rose without fragrance.  Understanding that the rose selection is just as important as the rose placement.  Whether your garden is a small plot of land, or on a roaming estate, there’s always room for a rose, adding a romantic element to your garden.

This is a book intended to feel like your own personal design master class.  An educational experience.  Each professional who is featured in this book, provides visuals of their designed gardens to accompany their expert advice.  This adds a powerful visual component to the book and the images alone stir up inspiration.

Whether you’re an amateur gardener, student, aspiring designer, garden professional, or simply a lover of beautiful gardens, we think everyone would truly love and benefit from this book! 

The book will be released April 14th and you are able to preorder now!  For more information, click the link below: