Gardens of the North Shore of Chicago

We are just thrilled our Gardens at 900 were featured in Benjamin Lenhardt’s book GARDENS OF THE NORTH SHORE OF CHICAGO. 

This book features an array of beautiful gardens that are dappled along the Northshore of Chicago.  Classic, contemporary, country and naturalistic garden styles are all included in Lenhardt's book. To accompany our gardens, many of our beloved clients’ landscapes are featured as well. It brings us such joy to see some of our projects featured as they have aged over time and have thrived in every season.  We have Lenhardt to thank for this rare up close and personal view of these magnificent gardens.  A wonderful read for anyone who appreciates beautiful landscapes, and may it inspire you for your own private space.  Enjoy simply getting lost meandering through the book.

This book goes on sale today! Order online and soon you’ll have your very own private garden tour at your fingertips!

**All photographs in the book were shot by our dear friend and CBLD photographer, Scott Shigley.