Lily Time in the Garden

We always look forward to this time from mid-July through August when the Oriental and Hybrid lilies demand center stage in the garden. 

Providing a large flower in this season really adds drama to the palette at this time of year since the Peonies and Iris are now just  memories and the Dahlias haven’t quite kicked in yet.  When placed at a juncture of a path, they can perfume a journey through the garden as well as provide long-lasting cut flowers in the house.  Protect these beauties from rabbits before they are a foot tall with chicken wire cages, provide them with time released granular bulb fertilizer early in the spring, and be VERY careful not to sink the stakes too close to the bulb in the ground.  Our ’Scherezade’ Lilies we moved from Wilmette 7 years ago now have bulbs the size of small cantaloupes so we ALWAYS stake at least 6 inches from where the stems meet the ground.  Planted just about any time in the garden, if given rich well-drained soil throughout the year, these wonderful bulbs can last decades in your garden.