Sending You Thanksgiving Greetings!

Hello Everybody, wherever this finds you in this crazy fall of 2020...

I’ve been thinking how different things are since Thanksgiving-time 2019 to now.  Despite all that has changed in one year, I wanted to reach out to all of you and tell you how thankful we are that you have not changed in your willingness to share your property and home lives with us here at Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, Inc.  We so appreciate your dedication to us and I assure you we continue our dedication to you, our valued clients and friends.

I have been fortunate to have had some free time to read these last few months and a time for reflection has again come front and center this fall, even more than in other years.  Much of my readings have been on the study of trees, ecosystems, and organic practices.   I am striving to be a part of the planet rather than against it in ways I can change, no effort too small to make a difference.  Our compost piles have been distributed to our vegetable beds, all of the cutback foliage has fed the new piles for spring use, and our glorious chicken coop gold is fueling the fertilizer fire so to speak.

Each fall my birthday comes and goes, and in particular this year, I have realized I probably have less years ahead of me than I have behind.  This said, look out!  I am full steam ahead!  With this realization, I have made more of an effort to not procrastinate on those things I want to get done and process information faster so I am on line for the next happening.  I am also really focusing on my personal health to make sure I can contribute where everybody needs me whenever possible.  A big task list, but if I don’t take care of myself and the Company, who will?  The combination of this revisited maturity and  ‘Covid –inspired’ change of actions has been a good kick in the butt for me.  As you each reflect on your overall wellness know we are keeping the health of your properties in the forefront of our minds.

May your holiday times be happy and full of good health.  With all of us wearing masks, maybe we will be lucky enough to have a less difficult flu season this winter… maybe we will have less cold weather this winter and maybe we will have only beautiful manageable snow falls with no ugly gray days.  Who knows?  It’s 2020, anything can happen!  We need to focus on all of the good we have had in 2020 and not just the bad for the remainder of this year.  As we all know a good attitude goes a long way when change is in the air. 

Be well and stay beautiful!

Craig and Company