Spring Letter from Craig

Dear Fellow Lovers of Spring,
Well, we’ve waited a long time for it, But Spring has finally arrived in the garden!

Be well, and take some time to smell the Magnolias!!!

Craig Bergmann and Company

For the last three weeks or so, I have been conscious of the longer days and every plant outside seems to as well. This winter, being so mild, never really browned our lawns, but “spring green” is everywhere today. The Orchard is resplendent with daffodils, fruit trees blossoming, and waning Scilla – as well as the peony shoots and rose canes that are breaking dormancy. Very little dieback on the roses should provide quite the spectacle in June.

With such little snow cover, we have lost many-a-buddleia and, I fear, lavenders. Delphiniums haven’t haled much better, but the woody plants really seem robust and ready to perform.

We should expect major rabbit activity in all of the gardens that we tend, and insects should be especially prevalent this summer. This all said, WE ARE READY TO GARDEN!!!

Early this spring, we lost a dear gardening friend in our Lake Forest and Lake Bluff community. Jane O’Neil, along with her husband Tom, was one of my first Lake Forest family clients. From day one, Jane was a joy to be with. She was always on the move and looking for the best we had. She always shared her knowledge and her friendship inside and out of the garden.

The “Girls”, as Jane and company were so thoughtfully called by us at CBLD, brought fun and often food when visiting us at the Old Country Garden. Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet Jane was always endeared with a genuine smile. Because of the deep connection we made with Jane we feel as if we have lost a member of our extended family. When you see a beautiful red tulip or the brilliant breast of a robin this spring, send our friend Jane a smile or a wink. No doubt she will surprise you with something wonderful now that she is on the inside track for success in the garden.

Long live the garden and long live the memories of our friends who make our gardens more than just a collection of plants…they are part of our homes.