Summer Letter from Craig

Dear Gardening Friends,
This summer has been anything BUT hot and humid and all of our garden families, flora and fauna, are loving it! In fact just last week we had a run of hot temperatures and no rain and the “Jurassic” growth from spring on so many leafy plants just couldn’t believe their leaves! Don’t forget to switch on your irrigation system or lug that hose around the yard. The extra growth that Mother Nature has put on over the course of the last few months will suffer now that the continuous, weekly rains have ended. Keep that new growth happy and hydrated!

The variable cool and wet springs we have had the past two years have helped recalibrate garden and native plants after the ruthless droughts and harsh winters of the past few years. We had such a bumper crop of delphiniums and lilies this season and spring lobelias are just now fading: reminiscences of an East Coast summer.

Needless to say, we have yet to see what our Fall will be; the next phase is always a gamble in the odyssey of gardening.

We are finishing some exciting projects around the North shore and continue on projects in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Our gardening message is traveling farther a field of late, so it is a nice experience for us all to discover new places and new people.

Personally, this summer has been a mix of loss, paired with wonderful and joyful events; all important time to spend with those we love. Life is such a mystery and so much fun to experience with kindred spirits…growing old together like a good garden should.

For the rest of these beautiful sun-filled days, may your agenda be filled with time to enjoy and share with those you love, doing what you love.

Violet and Pepper wag hello from our Gardens at 900…

Craig Bergmann
RLA, ASLA, Proprietor