Summer Rain

With all of the excessive heat and moisture this year, we are living in a version of Jurassic Park this summer. 

This said, the insects and rodents are a huge issue, as are funguses and poor drainage conditions.  In essence, we are in a water-logged state of things, particularly in heavy soil condition areas.  Please understand that it is a sensitive time of year to manage your irrigation systems and we are here to work through these issues with you. At some properties you may see signs of yellowing foliage that could be a result of excess water as opposed to not enough. When in doubt instead of turning to your irrigation system ON switch, please discuss your concerns with your gardener. Our gardeners can use soil probes to soil test the condition of your garden and identify if overwatering or excessive water is an issue.  Then we can determine if your system should be reprogrammed or turned off to alleviate the problems due to the heavy rains this season.

Even established plants can die as a result of drowning below the surface of soil because hot and humid weather does not dry out wet soil conditions.  Plants actually suffocate if oxygen cannot get to their roots.  Yellow foliage and fungus can be a sign of overwatering, so consider yourselves warned that continued watering can cause these problems.  Remember, hot and dry conditions require supplemental watering, hot and wet conditions do not…