Thanksgiving Greetings from Craig

Dear Valued Client and Friend,

Over the years I have sent out letters at this reflective time of year and, in this tradition, I happily write again.

Autumn always reminds me that another year is passing and nature has so much wisdom to share with us this time of year and every season. As things senesce in the garden after frost, the foliage abundance that we cut back from the garden is the fuel source for next year's bounty: 

Composting this burnished gold enables fertility and beneficial microbes essential to a healthy garden and soil. We are doing more and more of our own composting and repurposing of seasonal garden refuse, which is far from debris. Trellises of branches, compost for organic productive soils for food crops, creating better environments for ourselves, pets, and insects to stave off those pollutants we can't control. These are the things we are doing whilst practicing the Fine Art of Gardening.

The skeletal remains of the garden teach me about what worked and what is needed to improve the garden's display for next year.  The physical evidence of the size and scale of the growth is tangible results of our reading the garden's growing success.

Reviewing garden performance and aesthetic display, with others who don't normally care or see the garden, just brings new insight into our future, aspiring results.      

Having over 50 years of gardening under my trowel, I am often simplifying the act of gardening by listening to the land and the people who tend your gardens with me. This living laboratory of knowledge , expertise, and collaboration, is what makes me tick and strive to make a difference in my life and those I am lucky enough to go through life with. Being the lead of the Company, many folks depend on me and work hard to succeed, I am humbled to work with such a dedicated Team at CBLD.

Mother Nature has always been my partner in my endeavors, personally and professionally. She allows me to take leaps of faith when wondering what to do next or how to solve a pinch I might have put myself in. Dropping my defenses to truly listen to nature and my gut is a most revealing moment. I realize I am maturing as I grow older and autumn, my birth season, reminds me every year.

Being able to create beauty for others and be appreciated while doing it, is a wonderful life gift each of you have allowed me to receive. Providing the trust and entree into your home and free interface with your family, is an honor and privilege. Thank you for letting me do my part, our part, in making your lives more fulfilling with a garden unique to you and your family.

May each of you , and your family and friends, have a wonderful Holiday season and remember that every day is a holiday if we truly take the time to realize it, and to celebrate the wonderful act of life with love, kindness, and beauty; all there for the sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Craig Bergmann

Proprietor and President

Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, Inc.