The Omnipresence of Nature on our 50th Earth Day

As a Reflection on the 50th Earth Day, I was recently reminded of the omnipresence of nature.  I thought it would be a nice event to share...

Easter Sunday, while getting my coffee and putting my muck-lucks on to walk the garden with the pups, I opened the door and a male, red-shouldered hawk landed in the locust tree in the center of the Motor Court.  For just a second, he stares at me, then flies off to chase the morning doves, who flew off in attempt to distract him from their nest in the big boxwood.  

The imminent danger for the doves reminded me of the looming feelings of the Coronavirus this Easter.  Their gentle souls seemed terrified by the danger of the raptor. My feelings not as fearful, but definitely as real.  I took this as a sign to stay strong and look this threat in the eye and conquer it by staying clear and preserving our home front.  BTW:  thankfully, the doves and the nest appeared unscathed when I checked in with our feathered neighbors later that afternoon…

Sending you my best,