Winter Letter from Craig

Dear Garden Friends,
The holiday hub bub is in full gear here at CBLD. The recent foot of snow we received stalled much holiday lighting plans until the first week of December, a cold start to winter decorating. Our recent finishing up with the new landscape work, outside and in, at the Deerpath Inn here in Lake Forest, has been a fun project, and it is so accessible for you all to enjoy. Do take a visit sometime soon!

We here at CBLD are often asked when we close for the season. “What do we do all winter?” is a classic question. Winter at 900

Well, the answer is:

We continue to design new projects and review projects of the past, as well as look for efficiencies we can strive for throughout the company. At our greenhouses we continue to grow plants and care for overwintered plants, while outdoors we do winter gardening tasks such as dormant pruning. We also plan for upcoming garden events, both at our clients’ homes and here at 900.

Does this sound like we don’t stay busy? We sure do!

We wish you a winter season full of fun, good health, easy travelling, and reflection time from the past busy year,

Craig Bergmann
RLA, ASLA, Proprietor