Summer Letter from Craig

Have you ever seen a more spectacular start to summer? A friend of mine said recently that with all the consistent moisture of this spring, we have entered into a phase of “Jurassic Gardens.” The luxuriant growth of deciduous woody and herbaceous plantings here in our garden amazes us. This week, we are eagerly anticipating something spectacular from the delphiniums in our Blue Border. Lobelia flowers are still tumbling from our planters accompanied by a myriad of summer seasonal beauties. Most exciting to me is our rare display of old and modern climbing and shrub roses. I think June of 2016 will go down in the record books as one of the most beautiful for rose-flower displays…who knows what next year will bring?

Spring Letter from Craig

Dear Friends,
I write this letter to you shortly after the vernal equinox, a day when many in human history have looked to the power of the sun for guidance. Since the time change, it has been so nice to see the sun in the late afternoons instead of the gloom of long nights. I have always treasured early spring and listening to the robins singing at dawn as if they were resident roosters. Our mild winter this year has revealed many an early sprout, including our lungworts (Pulmonarias) who seldom show their coral, white, or blue bells until early April. Emergent perennials in the borders are revealing that many delphiniums survived and the lavender didn’t freeze hard back to the ground for once.

Winter Letter from Craig

Dear Garden Friends,
The holiday hub bub is in full gear here at CBLD. The recent foot of snow we received stalled much holiday lighting plans until the first week of December, a cold start to winter decorating. Our recent finishing up with the new landscape work, outside and in, at the Deerpath Inn here in Lake Forest, has been a fun project, and it is so accessible for you all to enjoy. Do take a visit sometime soon!

Fall Letter from Craig

Hello Garden Friends,
Boy, the Fall season just blew by this year! We have been super busy in the gardens and in the design studio. Much bulb planting and closings have been finishing up these past weeks. And with the El Niño weather sure showing us to not anticipate winter too soon… it’s been so hard to try to figure out when a foot of snow is to arrive one day and be gone the next.

We are all so thankful for another great year at CBLD. We received a nice Thanksgiving message I think would be nice to share with you:

Summer Letter from Craig

Dear Gardening Friends,
This summer has been anything BUT hot and humid and all of our garden families, flora and fauna, are loving it! In fact just last week we had a run of hot temperatures and no rain and the “Jurassic” growth from spring on so many leafy plants just couldn’t believe their leaves! Don’t forget to switch on your irrigation system or lug that hose around the yard. The extra growth that Mother Nature has put on over the course of the last few months will suffer now that the continuous, weekly rains have ended. Keep that new growth happy and hydrated!

Spring Letter from Craig

Dear Fellow Gardeners,
The time has finally come to announce the end of winter, thank God!

Surviving another very cold, heavily snowy season, our garden plants continually amaze me as they stoically withstand whatever is thrown at them. We, along with a selection of other migratory species, have the ability to ” breakup” the winter with a change of locale and temperature. Our dear flora, unless lucky enough to grow in a pot in a warm home for the winter, have to deal directly with all of the obvious changes in our climate; from the hottest to the coldest, the most humid to the most desiccating. Oh, the pleasures of gardening in the Midwest!