Transforming landscaping
dreams to reality

For over four decades, Craig Bergmann Landscape Design has won critical
acclaim for intertwining design, horticulture and architecture in a way that is
unique to Northern Illinois.


We design, install, and care for fine gardens through collaboration and expertise, focusing on craftsmanship and long-term horticultural success.

Craig Bergmann Landscape Design (“CBLD”) is a full-service Landscape design, installation, and maintenance firm. Whether our clients wish to proceed with completing the design in phases or all at once, we work to develop the framework and create a final plan for implementation and long-term establishment that is right for each project. The foundation of every beautiful landscape starts with a conceptual overview of the site. At CBLD, this is where the dreams of “what may be” are created. A broad mix of site analysis, client input, and creativity guide Craig and the design team throughout the site planning process to ensure the collaboration brings a custom plan for each clients’ lifestyle to reality.


Craig Bergmann

Craig Bergmann distinguishes himself amidst peers through his innovative design approach, proficiency in historic restoration, and an unparalleled passion for the art of fine gardening. 

Since 1981, Craig has historically provided access to his firm’s talents. Opening his personal and client gardens to the public allows for inspiration and education through tours, philanthropic events, and workshops, where he enjoys sharing his abundance of plant knowledge. Meanwhile, Craig consults with local municipalities including the Chicago Botanic Garden, Morton Arboretum, local community centers, and numerous horticultural and design organizations, as he values that one’s knowledge is never capped. 

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Project Gallery

Enjoy reviewing some of our past landscape projects, noting the differing styles. This is where we put our best foot forward, paving the way for the explanation and exploration of your new garden design.