Frequently Asked Questions

Each project we design varies in cost. During your initial intake call and meeting with Craig, a general budget range will be discussed. During the schematic phase of your design, pricing typically begins more established.

In most cases, you are assigned a Project Designer, who works directly with Craig on your design. Sometimes, based on your project scope and overall horticultural needs, your project may be assigned solely to one of our Designers who would interface with you directly on behalf of Craig. Regardless, Craig provides his input on all CBLD projects, no matter the size/scope.

While our gardens are included on local garden walks/tours throughout the year, we do not offer tours to the public. Often, we’ll invite our clients for a private tour of the gardens led by Craig or another Senior Designer. Private shopping appointments for HORTUS are accepted Tuesday – Thursday, 9 AM – 2 PM. Hours outside that range can usually be accommodated upon request.

Typically, we ask for 50% up front on both your design agreement and Landscape Installation proposal. The remaining balance is generally requested during your Final Presentation (for design) and upon completion of the planting (for installation).  

Absolutely! A landscape design plan should incorporate both softscape and hardscape elements and our design staff will work with you and outside contractors as necessary to ensure all project elements work for your space and overall vision. Please note that we do not provide turf maintenance.

Many larger installation jobs occur in phases. We discuss what works for your project, as well as your budget, up front to make the most appropriate accommodation.

While we do have some plant varieties that we may occasionally sell during a garden event, our nursery is not open to the general public and any inventory we keep is specifically intended for use in those gardens that we design, install, and maintain.