Bringing your vision to life.

CBLD begins the design process by discussing your landscape vision at initial contact and then analyzing your current garden through a site visit. The execution of your agreement marks the beginning of your design journey with us. From there, an inventory and analysis of the property is completed to generate a base map of existing conditions.

After reviewing design options and approving a budget, materials and planting schemes are refined and detailed documents are drawn. The project designer then assembles the construction team and supervises all details throughout the installation of the project.

We welcome each challenge and pride ourselves in unique solutions of uncompromising quality. Our number one priority is bringing your vision to life.

Setting a firm foundation

Conceptual Site Plan

The foundation of every beautiful landscape starts with a conceptual overview of the site. At Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, this is where the dreams of “what may be” are created.  A broad mix of site analysis, client input, and creativity guide Craig and the design team throughout the site planning process. 

Critical to the conceptual site plan is a comprehensive site analysis.  Craig believes the site analysis is a reading of the land: from below the soil to what grows above.  Once the site has been studied, the existing vegetation, soil type, and grading have been documented, and the needed elements for the space have been discussed – our team of experienced designers start laying out the vision for your new garden.  CBLD takes great care to create a landscape that will harmoniously blend your daily needs and the architecture of the space with world-class garden design elements.  Thus, making the landscape equal parts function and beauty for generations to enjoy.    

We look to the beauty of our illustrative landscape plans to inspire our clients and provide a legible canvas to visualize the garden. We take great care in creating our finished illustrations to always be clean, visually stimulating, and easy to understand.   

Bringing your vision to life

Design Development

In conjunction with the conceptual site plan’s development, additional graphics are created to enhance legibility and provide a more detailed vision of our landscapes.  At Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, we believe that the use of high-touch hand graphics and computer enhanced photo realizations are extremely effective tools for design representation.  These graphics allow the concept design to reach out beyond the page, allowing you to place yourself in the space and experience the possibilities of your new garden firsthand. 

Depending on the design, purpose, and intent, these renderings can vary greatly – from a relatively simple vignette to photo realistic images.   A larger, more complex project requires a stronger vision which requires more dramatic imagery to tell the story.  We want our clients excited about their new gardens, and we do what it takes to promote our vision and ensure everything is represented appropriately. 

Artistic Finishing Details

Garden Styling

The last element of our concept design package is our garden styling imagery.  While the illustrative plans and design visualizations tell the story of your future landscape, it is important we get the garden’s details correct and in line with your aesthetic preferences.  Material selection for both planting and hardscape elements can change a garden’s look and feel drastically. We realize that what works for some may not work for others.   Ultimately, this is your garden and not ours, and your space should be defined by who you are. 

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