Commitment to Sustainability

Working with Nature

Our Commitment to Sustainability​

At Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, we’re serious about conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and maximizing ecological synergies between plantings. To this end, we offer: 

  • Organic fertilizer and Integrated Pest Management upon request 
  • Prairie/wildflower meadow conversions to reduce turf coverage 
  • Recycling programs involving composting landscape debris and repurposing elements of the built environment 
  • Best management practices of water conservation and irrigation control 
  • LEED consulting and Sustainable Sites landscape support 

Sustainability in Practice

At CBLD, our dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond our landscape designs to encompass all facets of our operations, including our garden care fleet. We take meticulous care in maintaining our vehicles, ensuring they are as eco-friendly as possible to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and lessen our carbon footprint.

We believe that education is a cornerstone of sustainable practice. We are actively engaged in educating not only our staff and associates but also our valued clients on the principles of sustainable landscaping. We aim to spread awareness and encourage eco-friendly practices within our community.

sustainable practices in action

Our Nursery

The CBLD Nursery propagates the specialty plants used by the design and garden care teams, and also acts as the hub for all plant acquisition and distribution.