Garden Care

The Art of Fine Gardening.

Gardening is anything but static.  This care translates a designed plant collection into a living “community” of plants that are comfortable in their setting.  By recognizing the needs of plants, we avoid the potential overreaction from interference.  Gardening is a nurturing process that listens to the language Mother Nature speaks. 

preservation of beauty

Garden Care Services

Garden Care is the after-care service offered for CBLD projects, as well as other clients seeking the highest level of horticultural maintenance. The aesthetic direction of your garden is transferred from Craig to a team of expert horticulturists who customize a long-term maintenance plan. Garden Care preserves the original design intent while adapting the garden as it evolves over time.

Our Garden Care Services include:

Property Maintenance
Container Plantings
Dormant Pruning
Holiday Decor

seasonal updates

Container Gardening

Garden Care is also the branch of CBLD that creates renowned seasonal container and special event displays. As masters of specialty flower displays, décor, and installations, staff are undaunted by unusual requests to set the stage for an extra special atmosphere. CBLD is a participant in numerous private parties and weddings throughout the year, as well as special events that have included the Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens, the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, and events at the Chicago Botanic Garden, such as the Orchid Show and Antiques & Garden Fair.

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