Winter Letter from Craig

Let’s take us back to last December. The anticipation of a bleak winter forecast was actually superseded by the reality of a historic bone-chilling end to the 2013 calendar year.

Winter Letter from Craig

Dear Garden Friends,
The holiday hub bub is in full gear here at CBLD. The recent foot of snow we received stalled much holiday lighting plans until the first week of December, a cold start to winter decorating. Our recent finishing up with the new landscape work, outside and in, at the Deerpath Inn here in Lake Forest, has been a fun project, and it is so accessible for you all to enjoy. Do take a visit sometime soon!

Winter, Almost Spring, Letter from Craig

Hello folks.
I’ve been remiss in sending out my winter greetings to you and I apologize for that. This late fall and early winter has been a whirlwind for me personally with selling our old place in Michigan, health issues with the family, and on and on…

Craig's Winter Letter

With the Winter Season upon us again,  I always seem to settle in to a “comfy-mind mode” whether I should or not.

Dormant Pruning

Have you ever wondered why there are so many landscapers out trimming trees and shrubs in the midst of our bitterly cold Midwestern winters?  No, they are not gluttons for punishment.  There are many reasons to take on this task in the winter.