Spring Letter from Craig

Happy Spring everyone! Here is to our new and improved website for 2024!  A special thanks to our own, Holly Siebeck, who shepherded the project, and all of the behind the scenes work by Purple Pig Marketing for their expectational efforts.  Thank you ALL!

Spring Subtlety – Sounds, textures, light, and shadows play such important rolls in how we experience spring here in northern Illinois.

This year has been a roller-coaster and showcase of all of these elements.  This morning, a proud robin was puffing his breast out at us when I let the dogs out in the early hours.  I was under the flight pattern of two Canadian geese honking their way east.  At lunch, a sand hill crane flew overhead without a sound, just its presence was magnificent.  Our little turf panels that flank the Motor Court contain a riot of wild violets surprising us this year for the first time.  It’s obvious that the garden is spreading into the lawn now (not a bad thing) and a testament to the organic approach to our turf care and planned lack of broadleaf weed control.

The spring emergence and flowering is in high gear this week and so appropriate for Earth Day week.  Since 1970, we have taken a day on the calendar to celebrate Mother Earth – too bad we don’t care for her as we should every day.  Please take a moment on your property and think what you can “leave to nature” instead of just cultivate away.  Our garden is better for what we don’t do to it with chemical and gas powered interventions.  Our gardeners, dogs, and visiting wildlife thank us too.

Enjoy this spring and understand that you CAN make a difference on your little plot of the earth just treating her as you would wish to be treated yourselves….


Craig Bergmann and Company