Thanksgiving Letter from Craig

Hello Dear Folks, I hope this finds you well, warm, and with the ones you love.

Like every Autumn, this is often a time of reflection, both in our lives and at work. This year is just any other in this respect, but even more poignant having the ability to regain some traditions that have been on hold for a while. We have been lucky enough as a company to have avoided large waves of illness this fall and are still precautionary in our interface with each other and folks out in the public. One thing I think we have all learned over these past few years is to follow our gut and be thoughtful with our moves, both at home and in the public.

The natural world has not been without turmoil these past few years either. There are more pathogens attacking common plants in our gardens than ever before. We try to follow advised preventative measures but in a cautious, organic, and sustainable way. If changes don’t start at home, then when does a more conscious way of living ever get realized? This said, we must remain proactive and use our eyes on your gardens, more than ever, to keep problems at bay before they set in. We are revising our site contact frequencies for each of our properties to serve you better. While this change may not be one you’ve witnessed firsthand, we are making more frequent site visits and perusing the surrounding neighborhoods to stay connected with various potential infestations (such as boxwood blight, phytophera on spruce trees and fungal root rot on arborvitaes) before they become problems on your properties.

We were blessed with a true Indian Summer with wonderful warm days stretching into November, but of course, we had a blizzard arise on the 15th, just as I was gathering my thoughts for this letter…Having this mild weather past Halloween has greatly extended our planting season and has allowed many needed tasks to get done, both inside and out. Spring bulbs are just about all in, and holiday lights and décor were installed a bit earlier without frostbit fingers that typically come along with our trade. Let’s see what Mother Nature will deal us this holiday season! Of late, we have had some of our coldest weather in December and early January, so be sure your gutters are clean, and you have a good stock of non-sodium deicer for your walks and driveways.

We are thankful for the quality of clients we have and don’t take enough time to THANK YOU for your trust and friendship. Please know that each of you are treasured, appreciated, and special to us all here at CBLD! From our family to yours: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Craig and Company