Craig’s Spring Letter

A time for renewal, new growth, warming temperatures and getting out of the winter cold and dormant time… WOW, it has hit us here fast at CBLD like a great warm tropical wind!

Here at CBLD, we are embracing our mantra of giving our treasured clients the finest in the craft and the Art of Fine Gardening. This intimate connection between people and plants is becoming more and more unique in our area as landscape companies are being “enlarged” to high production companies.

Our roots will always remain on the stable ground we have established over the decades. As all good things must, changes are in the air at CBLD. Our staff is growing in multiple departments… recent internal expansions include new associate hires in office staff and design and an exciting merger with a local trusted landscape contracting company we have worked with for years, Van Landuyt, Inc. This allows us to expand our site preparation and masonry construction skillsets and to truly own the Hardscape of our landscape designs from concept to reality, and then to maintain them under our infamous Garden Care department expertise. Just having these artisans on staff will allow us to more easily maintain our projects post construction to ensure our quality for all.

On the Gardens of 900 front: we are in the final construction stages of installing a new beautiful Hartley Botanic Greenhouse on the property for a long term, personal dream being fulfilled and an off-season Lake Forest venue for gardening in another climate zone. I thank the CBLD and Hartley teams, with all of the great contractors that have embraced this project to really add another quality layer to the gardens here at our home base. Finally, my old orchid plants in the “plant room” will have the humidity they require to thrive and have a place to showcase our Nursery propagation of beautiful tender plants with our clients…