CBLD Summer Letter

Summer is upon us with a vengeance!

To have 100º F temperatures in June is so unwelcome.  Our orchard full of old roses bloomed in a week and now is all done in mid-June, disappointing since we wait all year for the 3-week progressive procession of our collected beauties!

With the soil temperatures warming so much faster, all our perennial plants are bolting and blooming too early!  I hope temperatures ratchet back down to somewhat normal bloom display schedule and we get back on track for natural, non-torrential rains.

Our deadline of June 1st was met for our first book being published.  Now to the edits, graphic design, and image selection.  This will occupy our attention now through October with the next deadline of Thanksgiving – then to the actual production.  Stay tuned for our May 2025 debut!  This is very exciting for us all.  Fulfilling a dream of mine for decades, we are profiling a number of our distinctive projects with some nice stories of our company.

The waning whine of cicadas signals the small branchlet drop that is already quite evident.  All-in-all it looks like our clients’ gardens most affected were in the Wilmette and Hinsdale neighborhoods.  All this said, our protective wrapping of certain specialty plants has revealed very little cicada damage.  Now the poor plants just need to right themselves once unbound from their Christo-esque white gossamer.  We are more than happy that these “bugs” are almost gone and not coming back for another 17 years.  Yikes!  Hope I’m still around to see them, a humbling reflection.

May all your summer evenings be filled with happiness shared with fireflies, outdoor meals, regular rain, and not too many mosquitoes.  Wishful thinking, right?

Stay well!


Craig Bergmann, Proprietor