Craig's Summer Letter

Dear Gardening Friends, 

As the stellar Delphinium for 2019 wane, I am already starting to think of Autumn and it causes me to pause.  Why does our gardening season go by so fast and winter months seem to drag on?

A Moment of Reflection

Today, Mirandi Miller and I had the privilege of attending the dedication ceremony of ‘The Garden of Remembrance’, developed by the public-private partnership between the Deerpath Garden Club and the City of Lake Forest.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Water logged gardens are a challenge!  We wish we could predict the weather, but of course it’s out of our control.

Craig's Spring Letter

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Well, Spring has certainly sprung here in Northern Illinois.

The surprise consecutive snowstorms over two April weekends covered over the first of the daffodils, lasted less than a day on the ground, and those golden glories just kept growing.