A Fall Letter from Craig

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

As the fall season winds down, I am reminded and reflect on the highlights of the years past.  Successes, challenges, problems solved, and mileposts reached:  all heartfelt moments I remember throughout the years that CBLD has been established (1981!).  This year is no exception.

Craig's Summer Letter

Dear Gardening Friends, 

As the stellar Delphinium for 2019 wane, I am already starting to think of Autumn and it causes me to pause.  Why does our gardening season go by so fast and winter months seem to drag on?

A Moment of Reflection

Today, Mirandi Miller and I had the privilege of attending the dedication ceremony of ‘The Garden of Remembrance’, developed by the public-private partnership between the Deerpath Garden Club and the City of Lake Forest.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Water logged gardens are a challenge!  We wish we could predict the weather, but of course it’s out of our control.