Fall Letter from Craig

Hello Garden Friends,
Boy, the Fall season just blew by this year! We have been super busy in the gardens and in the design studio. Much bulb planting and closings have been finishing up these past weeks. And with the El Niño weather sure showing us to not anticipate winter too soon… it’s been so hard to try to figure out when a foot of snow is to arrive one day and be gone the next.

We are all so thankful for another great year at CBLD. We received a nice Thanksgiving message I think would be nice to share with you:

Fall Letter from Craig

I feel the chill of autumn in the morning and early evening air now. Amazingly, though it is the case every year, the color intensity in the garden is like an explosion. The palest pinks and yellows become saturated and brilliant. The reds, purples and oranges become the stars of the borders – our very own Technicolor treasures.

Fall Letter from Craig

Autumn Greetings!
Being a Fall born baby, I have a real fondness for the spectacle Mother Nature shares with us this time of year. The prairie and oak savannas are ablaze with composites of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The rust, claret, and cerise tinge in the canopies overhead enforces the power and beauty of Autumn through our Fall season here in Midwestern U.S.

Thanksgiving Greetings from Craig

Dear Valued Client and Friend,

Over the years I have sent out letters at this reflective time of year and, in this tradition, I happily write again.

A Fall Letter from Craig

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

As the fall season winds down, I am reminded and reflect on the highlights of the years past.  Successes, challenges, problems solved, and mileposts reached:  all heartfelt moments I remember throughout the years that CBLD has been established (1981!).  This year is no exception.